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Polynesia and the Global Middle Ages
Mady Williams
U of Canterbury, NZ

A Idade Média é um fenômeno europeu e as tentativas de globalizá-la permaneceram predominantemente eurocêntricas. Apesar das melhores intenções, as ricas histórias de sociedades não europeias na “Idade Média” foram generalizadas e simplificadas sob a influência do olhar ocidental. Esta palestra explorará o conceito de Idade Média e discutirá se ele pode ser aplicado a sociedades não europeias e, em caso afirmativo, como isso pode ser feito adequadamente. Afina, existe uma Idade Média Polinésia?

A discussão é baseada na recente publicação, Polynesia 900-1600. O livro destina-se a fornecer uma visão geral curta e útil da história da Polinésia do Sul. Ele emprega uma ampla gama de fontes, incluindo tradições orais, historiografia e arqueologia, e examina como os polinésios do sul percebiam seu mundo e viviam durante esse período.

“King Mansa Musa’s Mines: Global Medievalism and the Recovery of a Lost Medieval Africa”?
Angela J Weisl,
Setton Hall University, USA

While all medievalist acts are in some way an attempt to reclaim a lost past, the effort outside of the West (with the partial exception of Japan) is complicated by the way in which European Colonialism worked to occlude all but the European Middle Ages.  This talk focuses on the various reclamations of Medieval Africa in both High and Popular Culture, starting in 2018 from the nexus of Ryan Coogler’s film Black Panther and the publication of François-Xavier Fauvelle’s The Golden Rhinoceros. The cultural re-inscription of Africa onto the medievalist landscape emerges in a variety of instantiations, including Marlon James’ Dark Star Trilogy, and the Caravans of Gold Art Exhibit and its attendant publications. 

Suddenly, Mansa Musa is everywhere, on Buzzfeed lists of the richest people in history, as one of the leaders in the game Civilization IV, V, and VI, in articles on reputable sites like National Geographic and the BBC, and a pre-production film set to be directed by Otto Aouita.  However, most of these African reclamations actually originate in the West (even Marlon James is Jamaican), not from Africa itself; therefore, this analysis explores the complex negotiations between claiming an Afrofuturism and invoking what might be called an “Afropastism” outside of the African continent itself.

- This activity has a maximum capacity of 100 subscribers in the Zoom room, but will be broadcast live on YouTube for all other interested parties. 
- The lecture will be entirely in ENGLISH, without simultaneous translation. However, our team will be on hand to help with the translation of questions or answers into Portuguese or Spanish. 

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