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Special keynote:

Polynesia and the Global Middle Ages
Mady Williams
U of Canterbury, NZ

The Middle Ages are a European phenomenon and attempts to globalize them have remained predominantly Eurocentric. Despite the best of intentions, the rich histories of non-European societies in the ‘Middle Ages’ have been generalized and oversimplified under the influence of the Western gaze. This paper will explore the concept of the Middle Ages and discuss whether it can be applied to non-European societies and if so how it can be done appropriately. It asks if there is such a thing as the Polynesian Middle Ages? The discussion is based on the recent publication, Polynesia 900-1600. The book is intended to provide a short, useful overview of the history of South Polynesia. It employs a wide range of source material including oral traditions, historiography, and archaeology, and examines how South Polynesians perceived their world and lived during this period.

Additional Information:

- This activity has a maximum capacity of 100 subscribers in the Zoom room but will be broadcast live on YouTube to all other interested parties.
- The lecture will be entirely in ENGLISH, without simultaneous translation. However, our team will be on hand to help with the translation of questions or answers into Portuguese or Spanish.

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